About Us

Welcome to Pool Concepts! Let us tell you why YOU should build with us.

There are lots of pool builders in Darwin. They share the same what and how that we do, but, our small team focusses on the who and the why factor of each enquiry.

Michael Suski, Owner and Director, of Pool Concepts, has spent 25 years sharpening the tools of his trade and believes in having a good time while doing what he loves. In his role as pool builder Michael will turn your simple or complex swimming pool ideas into the showpiece you desire. He will solve problems through innovative approaches and focus attention where it's deserved-you.

If that’s what you want … You are going to love it when you realize how easy and affordable it is going to be to have a beautiful pool area in your own backyard!

Whether you live in Darwin, Palmerston, the Rural area or Katherine to Kununurra, having a swimming pool is not a luxury - It is a necessity! Check out our Template Pool selection to see how a basic shape can be easily transformed into a stunning backdrop in your yard that will give you many years of enjoyment even if you don’t swim! But if you want something extra special, we can easily use our 25 years’ experience to design you something that you can call uniquely yours.

This is how Pool Concepts can transform your yard into a pool area that will make your life in the Top End even better.