Salt Chlorinator

The AstralPool VX salt chlorinator continuously generates the precise level of chlorine required into your pool.

View more information about the VIRON and VIRON VX as well as the FREEFLOW salt chlorinators.

Chemical Dosing

The Rolachem range of controllers are designed for semi automatic and fully automatic dosing for liquid chlorine and acid.

We recommend either the ROLACHEM RC1 Semi-automatic or ROLACHEM R09 Automatic Systems

Lights & LED's

The choice of either quartz halogen or the very latest and most advanced in LED technology.

See for comparison pictures with halogen.


Pool return jets are an integral part of your filtration system.

Set up properly these jets increase the circulation of your pool water and disrupt sediment buildup and debris from walls and the floor.


There is a big choice in Pool Cleaners. In-floor, Suction or Pressure cleaners.

We recommend both the Astralpool RT Robotic Cleaner and the RTX Robotic Cleaner.

Auto Leveler

Automatically top up water lost due to splashing and evaporation or drain down after heavy rainfall.

Waterco’s Automatic Water Leveller is our choice.


Swimjets are designed to create an endless resistant current, up to 660 litres per minute, to swim against.

We recommend both the Waterco Swimjets or the BaduStream for recreational swimmers.


A big problem in warm climates is the algae blooms that occur because of poor pool circulation.

The solution is the Pool Valet in-floor cleaning system that recirculates chemically treated pool water to all areas of the pool.

Spa Blower

A Spa Blower adds the revitalising touch of warm swirling water enriched with millions of bubbles on your body in the ultimate theraputic pleasure.

Our regular choice is the Pentair Spa Pool Blower.