The process usually begins with an excavation, although some pools are built in partial excavations due to sloping sites. Others are built above the ground often to meet an elevated deck or similar.

Most commonly the excavation required will be undertaken using our own excavator and tippers to remove the soil from the site. Good access will be a minimum width of 3.0 metres with no height restrictions or sharp turns required. This will allow the tippers to be loaded directly by the excavator. If it is not possible to get the tippers close enough, we will use our Bobcat to move the excavated soil from the pool site to the tippers. The excavation is usually completed within 8 to 10 hours provided there is no delays.

If rock excavation is necessary a hydraulic rock hammer is used to break up the rock. This is an additional cost and can delay the completion of the excavation by several days. Fortunately, the need for rock excavation is not as common in Darwin as many might think.

The movement of heavy machinery and trucks into and out of your yard will cause some damage to lawns and can also do damage to unprotected paving and concrete.