The pool filtration system is the heart of the pool. It cleans and sanitizes the pool water keeping it looking good and making Filtration it safe to swim in. Domestic pool filtration should be of sufficient size to be able to cycle the entire volume of the pool within an 8 hour period.

However, because of the much warmer water temperatures in Darwin, Pool Concepts believes that the filtration and chlorination system specified should be far more efficient. Other factors also need to be considered such as environment and expected useage. A leafy environment and a high usage will have a substantially higher chlorine demand.

There are different types of filters as well as different filter medias that all have their uses. Flow rates for pumps must also take into account the demand created by spa jets and water features without compromising the warranty on the filter tank by exceeding the maximum flow rate. Pool pumps are probably the hardest working appliance in your house and yet they receive the least amount of care and consideration of duty cycle.