Most concrete pools are built to finish at least 150mm above natural ground level which helps to control the amount of debris and storm water that can end up in the pool during a wet season. Some pools are built well above ground level for a variety of different reasons.

Without the walls of an excavation to retain the concrete, formwork must be erected to contain the concrete. The formwork must not only be constructed to the shape of the pool, but also be able to support the considerable weight of the concrete.

In some cases, where the excavated pool walls are unstable or have collapsed during excavation, it is necessary to install “lost formwork” to recreate what would have been the excavated wall. It is called “lost formwork” because it is not recovered after the concrete has been placed. The cost of materials and labour to construct and then strip formwork, is an additional cost that is allowed for in the preparation of the pool quote.

The movement of heavy machinery and trucks into and out of your yard will cause some damage to lawns and can also do damage to unprotected paving and concrete.