Years ago concrete pools would typically have a mosaic tile installed around the waterline and the interior would be cement rendered and painted blue or white. The optimum alternative to a painted interior was a pool that was fully tiled throughout.interior

These days a fully tiled pool is still considered to be the premium finish and as such is also the most expensive option. There is now an increasing number of specialised pool renders which are available in a range of colours that offer a much more durable alternative to painted interiors. These specialised pool renders are products such a Quartzon, Beadcrete, Rainbow Quartz, Koreltex, just to name a few.

Pool renders are recommended to be installed in conjunction with a waterline tile which is much easier to keep clean and far less likely to stain. The most popular and possibly the most durable and cost effective pool interior is pebblecrete. Pebblecrete is simply a blend of natural pebbles mixed with neat cement which when applied by a skilled team will offer a very attractive, durable, non slip surface.

Pebblecrete is the most versatile of all pool finishes because it is the only one suitable to be used throughout the pool. Pebblecrete can be finished up to a waterline tile, it can be finished up to the underside of a coping (top of the pool) tile or it can be “rolled over” where it goes over the top of the pool and back down to ground level on the outside of the pool coping.