Swimming Pool construction In Darwin

The construction of concrete pools is one of the world’s oldest professions. The Romans built concrete pools over 2000 years ago and some of them are still used today. A designed concrete pool allows you the versatility of being able to include the features that are important to you. We will design it to fit into the space that you have for it. A customised concrete swimming pool allows us to choose from our basic plans and redesign them to work with your budget and space. Alternatively, you can select any other design you want, and we’ll build that for you instead.

Let’s take a closer look at the construction process:


Excavation needs to be carried out to prepare the pool site. Using our own excavator and tippers we remove soil from the site.

We require site access with a minimum width of 3 metres to allow excavator and tipper access. However, in case of limited access, we will use our bobcat to move the excess soil from the pool site.
Providing everything goes smoothly, this stage of the pool construction process takes 8–10 hours.

Sometimes rock excavation is necessary. This will require the use of a hydraulic rock hammer, which will incur an additional cost and take several days longer. Fortunately, the need for rock excavation in the Darwin area is not that common.

Please note the use of heavy machinery and trucks in and out of your yard may cause damage to lawns and unprotected paving and concrete.


Most concrete pools are built to finish at least 150mm above natural ground level to control the amount of debris and storm water that can end up in your pool during wet season. To ensure the walls of your swimming pool are stable we use formwork (timber/steel framework). The cost of materials is included in the preparation of your swimming pool quote.

Steel & Plumbing

To reinforce the concrete for your pool, we use 12mm deformed steel bars in the concrete walls and floors.

It is during this stage we install any specialised fittings, such as skimmers, main drains, spa jets, pool returns and light buckets. All are precisely positioned and secured to the steel. The pipework connecting these features to the pool’s filtration are set up behind the steel framework.


The final stages of the pool shell is the placement of a special concrete Spraymix. It uses a range of additives to create a very strong waterproof concrete. It is sprayed at high pressure onto the walls and floor. The concrete needs to cure for two weeks.


Once the concrete shell has been constructed and cured, the pool is ready to be finished. You can choose from a variety of materials, depending on your budget, the look you want to achieve and the filtration system.

Coping Tiles

Coping tiles are the edging tiles. There are a huge range available, keep in mind if you are opting for salt water, the coping tiles selected need to be salt resistant.

Some tiles may need to have sealer applied before or after installation to prevent them.

Pool interiors

A fully tiled pool is considered to be luxurious and also has a high price tag to match. However, there are a huge variety of pool renders (concrete finishes) and this will have an overall effect on the colour of your pool. We are able to finish your pool interior with tiles or the render of your choice.


Filtration is responsible for cleaning and sanitising the water, ensuring it’s safe and healthy for your family to swim in. Because of the tropical climate in Darwin, we recommend your filtration and chlorination system should be designed to cope with higher usage and take into consideration the environment (for example, lots of trees that shed leaves or blossoms).

Flow rates for pumps must also take into consideration the demand created by any spa jets or water features to ensure it doesn’t compromise the maximum flow rate.

View our range of accessories that can be included in your pool build.